Friday, 22 February 2013


Many of these images i found from various tumblrs, and i didn't feel right crediting them since all they really did is reblog the image rather than upload it. Regardless, These are the images that I've been referring to lately for inspiration. As summer fades out into Autumn in Australia Ive been looking for some warmer clothing for the cooler months. In Victoria it gets really cold and for a few months you can't leave the house in anything less than a jumper, jacket, jeans, boots, scarf and beanie and gloves. Because of this I'm always on the hunt for cute jumpers and jackets and not so much trendy t-shirts because realistically, I won't be able to show anyone.

For something new, i thought i might write about some of the people who are inspiring me, as well as the images:

Here is the French actress Astrid Burges-Frisbey. I first saw her in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. She was a beautiful mermaid who stole the heart of a Christian boy. Since then I found her between the pages of my mother's Marie Claire magazine modelling in one of the most beautiful shoots I've ever seen. You can see more of the shoot here, and here.

Here is actress Jemima Kirke who is in HBO's Girls. I first saw Jemima Kirke when I was reading a website which published her pregnancy photos. Rather than having a professionally photographed, predictable, pregnant silhouette, the photos that were published were casual and relaxed. You can see the images here. I have only seen the first season of Girls but i immediately fell in love with Jemima's character, Jessa. More than her witty comments, attitude and alternative nature, I love her clothing. I seriously love Jessa's wardrobe. Who ever dresses her, you've done a great job. While this should really be about 'Jessa' than Jemima since its her character to whom I'm referring, there is one main reason why I'm writing about Jemima. Kirke is a fantastic artist. As an artist, i feel so inspired by looking at her work. It looks quite simple but i know that if i tried to copy her work i would fail miserably.

here are some of her paintings: