Saturday, 15 September 2012

First post

My name is Meg and welcome to my blog!
if you wanted to know a little about me please check out my 'about me' page up the top left, or by clicking here.

As mentioned on the about me page, I have decided to start a blog for two main reasons:
1. I wanted to create a place that documented my progress from now (18 and in my first year of university) to wherever i end up.
2. I wanted a creative outlet to put up outfit posts and my art etc etc.

As also mentioned in the about me page, this is not my first attempt at blogging but with new values to guide me I'm hoping this time it will last.
While right now it's pretty blank.. by pretty blank i mean totally empty, here is my page:  which I'm hoping to update at least weekly. Weekly is my goal anyway :)

Thanks for having a peek at my blog! and if you feel like staying a little longer.. or a lot longer.. you are most welcome to! x

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